Who Am I?

Writer. Car Racer. Computer Fixer. Avid Imaginator.

I spent most of my childhood in the town of Kingaroy in Australia and liked the place so much that I've decided to settle here for the foreseeable future.

Over the years I have spent my time working as a Bakery Assistant, Subway Sandwich Artist, a Bookseller and more recently an IT Specialist. (I liked the last one and still work full-time in the industry.)

When I was a youngin, I used to sneak notebooks into classes at high school to read/write while no one was looking. Please don't tell my teachers!

During the hours that I'm not ruining fictional lives, I can be found playing around with my cars, picking at the weeds in my garden or enjoying the company of my puppies.

Photo by Levi-Craig Murray and Trent Wagenmakers

3 Random Facts About Me

1- Since a very young age my family and I have been involved in Speedway Dirt Track Racing. I've been driving a race car since I was eleven and competing from the same age.

2- My favourite animal is the wolf, and I'm most afraid of spiders...seems only fair that the universe send wolf-spiders to terrorise me at home... (Yes, they are real and very scary. Google it!)

3- I spend WAY too much time worrying about the feelings of fictional characters. We're talking hours here, not minutes or seconds. And I'm a sucker for the bad guy/gal.


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