About the owner of this domain!

Dannielle Wicks is a writer, car racer, computer fixer and an avid imaginator of all the wonderful things. She grew up in the rural town of Kingaroy in Australia and spent most of her time stressing over the smallest of situations*.

Over the years she has created food stuffs for such substantial institutions as Subway and a small town bakery that shall remain unnamed. She then followed her dreams and became a retail bookstore clerk, but later found out you couldn't stop and read the books during work hours. More recently she studied hard to become an IT Specialist, where she spends most of her day helping others with the evil that is the computer.

During the hours she's not ruining fictional lives, she can be found obsessively cleaning her cars, picking at the weeds in her garden or enjoying the company of her overgrown puppies.

*Nevermind. She still does this.

Professional Photos by Levi-Craig Murray and Trent Wagenmakers

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