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My Revision Process

So, because I'm right in the middle of editing my current WIP (Work In Progress), I thought I'd share my revision process with you.

After I've completed my first draft, I let it sit for two weeks to a month, and then I go back through and fix all the GLARING errors. Then I send it off to my wonderful Critique Partner to read (for the purposes of this explanation, let's call her E). When E has finished her read-through, she then sends me back the manuscript with all the comments throughout the document, as well as a page of notes at the very end to describe how she felt overall about the plot, characters, world, etc.

I NEVER change things straight away, EVER. Instead, I start by opening a new document and writing down all the fixes/questions E has suggested, in order, and then I write beside each one how to answer/how to fix. Then I let it sit for another few days. Yes more waiting--why all the waiting, I hear you say--well, writing is generally about a lot of waiting and contemplating. If I change stuff straight away and then later on decide I've done it wrong, or it doesn't fit with my original idea, I've already made a mess of my MS (manuscript). This creates a lot of extra work that I don't need.

It's always brilliant to get feedback on your writing, but you don't necessarily have to agree with everything someone else says. It's still, at the very heart, your story.

Next--after my waiting/contemplation period--I set about fixing every issue I've decided needs to be addressed, which usually opens up more issues/more fixes! I do this by jumping through my MS to the main points that these changes need to be addressed.

After I've ticked off everything I wanted to change on my list, I then take a day or two break, let the changes settle, and then start a complete read-through to catch any errors my changes have created.

So far, this is where I'm up to :-) I'll post some more next month with the results of my revisions.

If you have any questions, or want to know about an aspect of writing, send me an email!

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