Broken Sunrise (Hardest Mistakes Book 3) is about half way done
April 5, 2016
The Official Release Date for Broken Sunrise is….
July 18, 2016
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Recent Happenings in the world of Dannielle Wicks

Recent Happenings - BOOK WORLD

BROKEN SUNRISE is tearing my heart out :-( So many emotions... Dylan Lanter is amazing to write, the easiest character I've done so far. He knows who he wants to be and what he wants to do, which I'm sure some of your writers out there can agree, is a rare thing in characters. If you've read the other books you'll know Dylan stared Sammy and Kai's story (FADING AWAY), and Ashlee and Jayden's story (TWISTED STARS). If you haven't read my other books and want to get a feel for Dylan's character, I definitely recommend reading, but if not... here is a small line from a scene I wrote last week because I love you <3

(Subject to change in the final edits, but it's still interesting to read!)
Don’t do this, Dylan. Not again. I’m sick and tired of it. For once, it would be nice if you would just let me help you. You deserve to live. You deserve to be as happy as any of us. You're not a monster. — Miya--

Also, in other news, query letters for "secret project" have been sent. Commence freaking out and eating lots of chocolate and crying...and freaking out... I'm so scared that no one will want it! I've already received 4 rejections, which is completely fine. EVERYONE receives rejections, I got a fair few with FADING AWAY and look at it now :-) For anyone else out there querying at the moment too, NEVER GIVE UP!

Recent Happenings - REAL WORLD

Back in the real life world, I GOT MARRIED! Photos below for your enjoyment :-) (They are all in Black and White because I like it that way ;-) I'll post some colour ones next time, I promise.)

The day was clear and blue and everything ran as smooth as silk. Honestly, I thought it would be more stressful, but I was wrong. My brothers and our two friends stood in as groomsmen (I didn't have any bridesmaids) and my brother's very talented girlfriend organized/MC'ed the whole thing, which is probably half the reason it was so calm and wonderful. The top picture is obviously me and my new husband Johnathon. Then we have a decoration from the bridal table, my knee-length converse that I wore as my wedding shoes because I'm unique like that. Johnathon wearing his Superman shirt (my brothers wore Green Lantern and Batman), and a kiss on the bridge at the Bunya Mountains (which is where the ceremony was held. The Bunya's are located about 40 minutes from my home town of Kingaroy. Here is their website so you can take a peak at their beauty.

We honeymooned in Tasmania, Australia (Which is a 2 hour plane ride from Brisbane), and arrived in freezing cold rain. I'll post some pictures and tell you all about Tassie in my next newsletter. SIGN UP HERE.

If you have any questions on the writing process/publishing/author life/anything at all really, be brave and send me through an email and I'll answer them in my next newsletter :-)

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