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September 23, 2016
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To Plot or not to Plot!
**Disclaimer--what works for me won't necessarily work for you. Every writer is different, and that's okay, otherwise we'd all be telling the same boring story**

To Plot or not to Plot! That is the ultimate writerly question, is it not?

In the years before I was published, this wasn't an issue. I spent my days adding to the manuscript that would one day become FADING AWAY, one chapter at a time. plodding along in order... Ah, how things have changed.

In this past year I have spent a lot of time learning more about my craft and trying to become better at what I do.

So, I hear you ask, how DO I plot then?

Here is a screenshot of the worksheet I complete BEFORE plotting. This helps me get a better idea of the story I want to tell and the characters in it. This is a compiled list from my readings of John Truby's, THE ANATOMY OF A STORY. Excellent book, you need to have a read if you are planning on writing.

It should be noted that a book does not get started until I can confidently fill out this entire worksheet beforehand. Things may change during the actual writing of the book, but I should have a fair idea of where I am going to start off with.

After I've safely filled out the above worksheet, it's on to scene-by-scene dot points! I'll tell you all about them next month, until then, stay safe and keep moving forward! :-)

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