Writing Resources and Fantastic Writerly Advice

Note: I try to update these as often as possible, but there are old and new stuff all mixed into one 🙂

All About Writing

Alexa Donne offers an extensive writing resource via her YouTube channel. (use the search tool to find videos on almost any topic).

Susan Dennard offers resources on her website for writers.

Beth Revis is constantly posting tip and tricks on her social, and she currently has a series called Paper Hearts, all about crafting your story.


Critique Partners

Alexa Donne's, Finding the right critique partners

CP Match (WriteOnCon)


Query and Agent Advice

Query Shark This is the first-place-you-must-go resource. Be patient and thorough, and read through the Query Shark archives, and you’ll get a good sense of how to write a proper query.

How to write those pesky follow-ups from Mother. Write. (Repeat.) A really good primer on writing follow-up nudges to agents that have had your material for a while.

Nudging & Multiple Offers Part 1 & Part 2 by Lydia Sharp. A good two-part series on what the heck to say when you get offers from agents.

When (not) to Resubmit by agent Julia A. Weber


Agent Tracking & Info

Query Tracker The best place to gauge agent response time, where you are in the queue, and keep track of who you want to query/have queried/responses...

Literary Rambles A great place to crosscheck what an agent has said they want.

Publisher’s Marketplace A paid resource that houses the most comprehensive store of book deals by agents/with publishers.

Publisher’s Weekly Children’s Bookshelf News Check the Rights Report every Tuesday and Thursday to stay on top of book deals.

Manuscript Wishlist or #MSWL Where agents tweet/post what they’re looking for in manuscripts.



Alexa Donne's Book titles & branding & How to set-up a professional author blog/website

Pitch Events & Contests

Alexa Donne's How to enter contests (and stay sane)

Dahlia Adler’s How to know if a contest is right for you

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Mentorship Programs

Author Mentor Match

Pitch Wars

WNDB Mentorship Program