Looking back on 2017

2017 has been a year of new things–experiences, life choices, and adventures!

I bought a new car, and traded in the old commodore. We needed something with more room. And in the country town I live in, you need a ute (I think it’s called “truck” in the USA?) to get around and do all the things.

After two years of labour and buying bricks, I finished planting in the center of my front yard. Now onto the sides…

The baby puppy and I battled (and continue to battle) the frightening summer storms! On the up side, the photos that come out of it… AMAZING.

Two years after moving in, we scraped up enough to build a 4 bay shed! Something to hide the race car and the gardening implements in.

I entered Pitchwars… and I failed to get in 🙁 But I made some new amazing writer friends and found someone to help me revise my work into the story it was always supposed to be.
Thanks Rosiee T xx

The final book in my first series came out! The Hardest Mistakes trilogy is complete and I’m super excited to move on to new things!


Approximate Words Written: 293,000

Published: Broken Sunrise


I finished writing SOTS in February. Clocking in at 89k.

I started a new YA Fantasy inspired by The Swan Princess and Lady Hawke. It is sitting incomplete at 30k.

I re-wrote an old story called LITE. Again it flopped and I’m stuck. That makes 4 failed attempts. This story might break me! 🙂 It now sits at 44k.

I started another new YA Fantasy about magic wielders and stolen relics. I’ll be continuing with this one over the holidays. At the moment it has 35k.

I wrote the beginning of a YA Superhero story, based on the villain! It made it to 11k before I stalled out. I need to re-think where I’m going with this one.

AND, with the help of the most amazing and talented person I’ve met this year, I tore apart and re-wrote DAFS, my Pitchwars entry. We took it back down to 40-50k words and rebuilt it. It now sits at 84k, and it is the story I should have / wanted to tell right from the beginning. I’m really happy with the way it’s turned out and, Rosiee, I can’t thank you enough!

Books read: 20 🙁

A big shout out and THANK YOU to all my Critique Partners this year! Emily B, Gabby R, Emmy S and V.V Mont! I wouldn’t be where I am without you all <3

I’ve learned that next year I need to focus and actually finish the projects I’m working on, even if they aren’t perfect–I can always go back and fix them later! This year I also added up my entire writing career word count, that’s every book I’ve written since my first one was published in 2015. The total comes in at approx. 815,000 words! Holy crap! I’m only 200k from 1 million words! … cool, cool… 😀

Well, that’s a wrap! 2017 has been one of the most satisfying years so far, and I’ve learned more about myself and the craft of writing than I ever have before–I call that a win! Here’s to many more years full of learning, adventure and making new friends 🙂
HAPPY HOLIDAYS, and stay safe, however you chose to spend the end of the year and the beginning of the next

Dannielle Wicks

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