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Hello! It’s been a while. Like, a long, long, long while. I won’t try and make excuses (except my dogs made me do it!), but I’m writing today to let you all know about Her Sun Is The Moon! What am I blabbering on about, you may ask? Her Sun Is The Moon is my for fun, side project that I like to work on in between other stories. It gets shoved to the side every time a new idea forms–like a palette cleanser for the in-between.

Over the holiday break I realised I started this “palette cleanser” almost four years ago, and still it has yet to be finished! Well, no more. I decided it’s time to share. And by share, I mean it is now going to be available to read for FREE via #Wattpad chapter by chapter. I’m hoping to update with a new chapter every fortnight–a way to keep myself accountable and finally finish it. So, if you see me slacking off, feel free to turn me back toward my computer and point at the screen until I write.

Her Sun Is The Moon is basically a mish-mash of The Swan Princess and Ladyhawke (if you have seen neither of these movies… I have no words.) with my own flare and ideas thrown in.

Meet 17-year-old Isadolla. She has a life others can only dream about—her home is a magnificent castle, she is ruler to a prosperous kingdom and she is betrothed to marry the gorgeous Prince Charming. But all that ends with a visit from the evil Wizard of the Darklands. Before a room full of her subjects, Isadolla is cursed to live as the monstrous beast she acts like.

Determined to return to her human form at any cost, Isadolla sets out on a journey to find the wizard and demand he turn her back. Along the way she joins ranks with the very Prince Charming she was set to marry, and he’s not a fan of her new appearance. But despite her tail, claws and mouth full of monstrous fangs, the prince’s best friend, a young man named Niilo befriends Isadolla, teaching her that money and rank is not everything.

To return to her human form, Isadolla must confront the treacherous Darklands, defeat the evil wizard and come to terms with the fact that ruling her father’s kingdom, attending parties and creating laws might not be what she really wants after all.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “OH my! Dragons, magic, romance and girl’s kicking ass, that’s right up my alley,” then please, dear reader, click the link here (or all over this blog post) to read on Wattpad!

New chapters coming every fortnight! And, if you want me to let you know when each chapter releases, sign up for my Newsletter!

Read the book here!

I hope you’ll consider giving this new story a read!

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